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... because the project is a personal feeling ... because the project is the obsession of unreal perfection within a real and concrete space ... because the project is the own way of understanding architecture and above all life. Strong, wonderful, intrepid; and why not, introverted, discreet, nothing spectacular, absolute, total and very studied. Always playing at the limit of their own needs and those around them, always in search of the essence of oneself and of the current arguments of Architecture versus or not versus Construction ... because the project seeks the scale, respects it , interprets it according to where it is and what it wants to express, plays with the locus and exploits its maximum qualities, appropriates it and makes it its own; it pampers it, and it locates plastic and interactive bodies, the expression of which tries the analysis of its forms with humility but with audacity and self-confidence ...


...because you are a great man, because you have been one of the great exponents of that "they are not geniuses what we need now" and because you have been able to transmit love for a profession, surely without wanting it, surely without looking for it, for sure that without thinking more than that you were looking for was the solution to your own obsessive and real frustration of what has taken you to the other part of the world...


To Gustavo Coderch

ESTUDIO loisloedarquitecte


Jose Luis Loeda, Architect, founded the loisloedarquitecte studio in 2014 with 31 years of age, and after having learned the trade of the profession in the office of Gustavo Coderch.


During these years we have worked hard and constantly looking for a single objective, projecting and building decent and correct habitats for our clients within an inalterable concept of the profession.


We have a network of professional collaborators at an office level that allows us to approach any project with guarantees. Also at construction level we have developed over these years a network of trusted professional contractors that culminated in the year 2009 in the birth of a construction company c PS !, designed exclusively to build specific projects developed from the studio. c PS! It was a very intense and enriching experience, at the same time very exhausting. It allowed to grow and advance in the field of construction and budgeting, elaborating and controlling the whole process from the birth of the project to the completion of the construction. This stage ended in 2012 after the construction of four homes made by us, closing an 8-year learning and experience stage in the profession with more than 80 projects approved and built.


As of 2012, a new stage of maturity begins, focused exclusively on the development of the Architecture Studio, and PS! to settle down definitely as a company dependent on the study as a Project Management company for our clients.


The Study of Architecture loisloedarquitecte faces each project to enjoy as children of Architecture, with the same illusion of the first day although already with a real and professional baggage of projected and constructed work that with great rigor, seriousness and ambition allows us to offer all the guarantees to our customers.



Architecture requires time, hours of dedication, a lot of love, a lot of experience, a lot of pause, a lot of paper between hands, a lot of backward movement. The idea is only the beginning, you know when something can be good, you know it, but behind it comes to develop it, put everything in its place, everything works not perfectly, but simply correct. It must be correct in each and every one of the movements and responses of the project. We understand the architecture from seven parameters:


1-Architecture is art and technology applied to the welfare of society. Always keep in mind the good art made in our history, know the basic intelligent technology and reach the needs of society through a good function is essential.


2-Understanding the scale of what you are facing is perhaps the first great enigma to solve. It is essential because a building or an out-of-scale solution, besides being very expensive, can cause a lot of damage.


3- The locus, give an answer to the place where you are located, whatever, from a barn where you have to make a structural consolidation because the poor wooden beams fall to pieces, to the field where the house of your dreams will be located, or the city that will suffer for many years the presence of the building you have projected.


4- The form and the function are the oldest and most used parameters in the architecture, they are the ones that the final user will enjoy with more emphasis and they must be impeccable, we continue believing in their symbiosis and knowing one of the other that they are being told in each moment .


5-The construction is essential to control it, know it, know how we are going to build, not only helps us to understand and formalize the space but because it gives us the necessary guidelines to achieve a coherent balance between result and economy.


6-The detail, requires experience, wisdom, control of construction, and transports us almost perfectly. It is very difficult to get to solve a detail well, the road is long and we will not cease our efforts.


7-The economy, it is essential to reach the minimum essential solution, which allows you to optimize your resources. All the history that surrounds our habitat is based on the optimization of its resources. Nowadays with Technology and always with our logic of knowledge we can reach some optimal and simple answers.



ARCE building Arboretum Business Park located in Cornella de Llobregat has obtained in 2017 the GOLD LEED Certification awarded by the "U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)" rewarding the construction and sustainable design and respecting the environment.

• The detached house called Barragán, located in Caldes de Malavella, obtained the distinction of finalist in the "PISCINA BARCELONA 2013" International Architecture Prize.

• The Reform of the ART store located in Canuda Street, Barcelona's Gothic Quarter , won the second "BARNA CENTRE" store prize in 2010.

• The two-family building located in Sant Cugat del Vallés was selected at the Sant Cugat City Architecture Awards in 2012.

• The renovation of the 25m2 apartment on Sant Domenench Street in Sta. Caterina, in the neighborhood of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, Born, has been published by Editorial Monsa in the book "TINY APARTAMENTS FOR SINGLES".


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